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As school uniforms become the attire of each day, you'll note the speedy growth of your children. With the onset of homework and their first reading books, your little children want to do everything on their own.Once very dependent on you, they become increasingly independent little know-it-alls.

The bright colours within My File About Me will encourage your child to fill out their own system. Becoming actively involved they’ll watch as their unsteady, large handwriting evolves into one that is more controlled as they mature. This touching transition will also reveal their personality.

As their coordination improves and their artwork becomes more recognizable, who wouldn't want to save these amazing masterpieces that are so very valuable. By effectively displaying them you can track the development of the stick man and how he improves from year to year.

What about the paintings with the blue sun or the drawings of people with the oversized heads? These items are magnificent and will always bring a smile to whomever looks over them.

Show off photos of school concerts, sports days, birthdays and later school tours. Integrate these memories and events together with progress reports, certificates and achievements, in ONE compact and well displayed area.

It is so important to keep these priceless works and memories safe, isn't it? Even more important to keep them somewhere where they are ALL easily accessible and beautifully displayed in ONE safe place right? A place where each award, artwork or photo can ALL be truly appreciated by your child, yourself and members of you family at any given time, without having to scratch around for something that you thought you kept somewhere!

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