How it all began

Throughout my days of schooling I participated in many extra mural activities and competitions that brought in piles of certificates, awards and reports every year. Books and envelopes that I had kept them in, were too flimsy for the accumulated weight of all this paper, and hence most of the spines broke and the books fell apart.

Years later, as an adult, I was in search of some of this work and other school memories that I had kept somewhere. Needles to say, that to my dismay, I soon found out that I had pieces of information and items all over the place. There were some certificates in envelopes, in one place, and others in books and files somewhere else.

What started out to be an exciting adventure of past event discoveries, proved to be a difficult and cumbersome exercise that actually became quite frustrating. I almost reached a point where I nearly gave up the search of my memorable history.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I discovered that I had no records of any artwork that I had painted or drew as a child. They were either totally damaged, lost, or gone forever. Disappointed, I remembered the home-made cards I made for mother’s day, and wondered about the special words I wrote for dad on father’s day. To this day, I wish I had some record of those growing years of my youth. Drawings and cards that would represent the kind of work I produced and the quality of love that I showered my parents with.

A distant memory. These are items that I can barely visualize or remember. What upset me though, was the fact that there were hardly any photos of me growing up. These would have jostled my memory as to the various events, concerts and school tours I participated in.

I was so excited when I found some photos in one album and a few other photos in another album etc. I almost did cartwheels when I found further photos in a drawer and others in an envelope. I was starting to piece my life together. The only thing was everything was so mixed up in no particular order, that I barely understood how old I was in certain instances.

The most frustrating aspect of this exercise was the amount of time it took me to reach this stage. It took not only hours, but days, and with so many photos missing and memories forgotten, I still crave snip bits of information of my past.

And so the quest started to develop a product that was totally unique. One that would not only save all these achievements, artwork and photos in one collective, compact and orderly functional life gallery, but to also preserve these invaluable treasured items, in a method that would be strong and durable enough to last a lifetime. For generations to come everyone would have the insight into the past of someone very special.

After three years of research, I developed a system that would prevent any other child or parent from the time consuming struggles of searching for lost memorabilia. This system not only saves important memories, moments and valuables in one safe place for life, but it will also avoid any woes from children and feelings of guilt from parents that come with not having saved these important pieces of every child’s history. Showing them off is every parent, grandparent and child’s delight!

It is important to realize, that once they are damaged or lost, they are gone forever. It should be every parent’s responsibility to ensure that all invaluable treasures are saved effectively and preserved properly from as early as possible. After all, you gave the gift of life, why not give the gift lifelong of remembering it!

Any parent, grandparent or friend presenting My File About Me to a child, will most certainly be rewarded with the sense of pride and honour that comes with celebrating life in the ownership of a system like this!

I wish you all very happy memory capturing, because these are the parts of life that we all want to cherish forever! The growing years come and go so quickly. Savour and reminisce over past experiences. My File About Me will help you do this. We have the testimonies to prove it.

H. Avraamides
Designer & Developer


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