How it all began

See our simple tutorial below!

  1. Start with our standard size mounting board inserts for your A3 plastic sleeve. Choose a colour. E.g. Baby blue.
  2. Select a different shade / colour of paper of the same size as the abovementioned board. E.g. Darker Blue.
  3. Select one of our 8 decorative edged scissors to create the desired paper edging.
  4. With your scissors, cut a squiggle across the page, either horizontally or vertically. This example is horizontal.
  5. Stick the strip onto the board in the desired position. Preferably with acid free glue.
  6. Continue cutting and gluing paper strips onto the mounting board as above,
    leaving spaces for the colour of the board to show through.
  7. Choosing a different colour paper and a different edge scissors, cut new strips of a various thicknesses. Glue the new strips in other positions.
  8. Simply stick your favourite photo / photos / achievements over your new designer page. Alternatively, cut out a frame for your photo in a different colour and then stick the photo on top of it. Slide into A3 plastic sleeve.

Other ways of getting creative:

Help your child get develop fine motor skill by implementing this fun exercise to boost creativity. It’s also a fantastic way of getting them actively involved in their own achievments and memories.

School Grade Sticker Application:

  1. Apply in poition
  2. Peel off
  3. Already done!


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