How it all began

Is it an educational product?
  • It most certainly is, and in many respects too!
  • Not only does it teach your child how to plan and organize from a young age, but it develops many important life skills too!
  • It is more fun for children to learn while they 'play'.

What skills does it develop/offer?

  • Fine motor skills

    This is defined as small muscle movements that occur in the fingers in coordination with the eyes.

  • Promotes creativity

    Exploring with colour, shapes and texture your child will exercise and strengthen their imagnation.

  • Play therapy

    This is generally employed with children ages 3 to 11.  Play provides a way for children to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. As children's experiences and knowledges are often communicated through play, it becomes an important vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and others.

  • Hand-eye coordination

    This refers to the control of eye movement and the processing of visual input to guide, control and direct the hands bodily movement in the accomplishment of a given task. 

  • Psychosensory

    This relates to the mental perception and interpretation of sensory stimuli.   It engages a variety of senses (such as touch, sight, and sound especially with the parent) to create a healing process that builds self esteem that is tailored to each child's very own, very unique, personal chemistry and energetic body.

How are these skills developed?

  • The entire system and all it's storage envelopes are purposefully coloured brightly in an organized fashion to facilitate the needs of promoting skills development in categories.
  • This includes a variety of methods including cutting, placing and pasting, tracing and colouring, writing.  All of which are implemented into this system with the various coloured paper, cardboard and stickers available.

  • Cut out shapes and frames for photos with our coloured paper using our decorative edged scissors.
  • Place and Paste these frames and shapes onto the different surfaces to decorate pages and photos.
  • Place and Paste photographs and other achievements on the relevant surfaces.
  • Place all achievments, photos and certificates into the storage envelopes and various divisions of the plastic sleeves.
  • Trace shapes with the coloured paper and decorate pages and photographs.
  • Colour pages with paint or crayon encouraging a special designer finish.
  • Write onto the information pages, memo cards and mounting inserts.


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