How it all began


Can I add onto the system later?

Of course yes!  That is the beauty about this system.  You build your own system according to your own specific needs, based on your particular financial resources, in your own time.
More importantly, you can 'grow' your system at any time.  You'll never feel restricted to the amount of information you wish to keep or display.  You can always add on more  of our plastic sleeve selections, storage envelopes etc. 
Oh, and if your file fills up, simply order an additional box and file.  This will allow you to expand your system into a neat, tidy and compact 'library' without having to discard irreplaceable memories.
I am interested in purchasing one of the "My File" packages but it is difficult to imagine how 12/13 years of schooling can fit in one box. The photos do not accurately represent this.

Will everything (over 20 years of information)  fit into one system?

The beauty about this system is that it can expand at any time.  All you need to do is either order more plastic sleeves to increase the functionality of it, or else simply obtain an additional box and file that will allow for expansion.  This will create a neat and compact  "library" of your childs life in ONE format!


Please explain why the box and file are larger than an A3?

  • Compacts and condenses a lifetime of work into a smaller space plus it accommodates all A3 artwork.
  • Takes up so much less room than than a bunch of files, boxes, drawers , books etc that just add clutter and are seldom organized effectivley.
  • Effectively accommodates a selection and variety of our unique sized plastic sleeves and storage envelopes. These maximize the space-saving storage solution by successfully reducing the bulk (space) that documents normally take up.

Can I use ordinary A4 plastic pockets in this system?

Ordinary A4 Pockets:

  • Ordinary A4 plastic pockets will create a buldge in your file, taking up too much room in each year.
  • These may also damage other larger A3 documents causing them to bend.
  • Using these will go against the 'flat layout' functionallity of My File About Me.
  • You can only display two A4 documents per page.
  • Normally all size items are layered one behind the other, making it difficult to view.

My File About Me Plastic Sleeves

  • Using the My File About Me A4 plastic division sleeves you display twice as many A4 documents on one sleeve.
  • Our A4, A5, A3 plastic sleeves, and combo plastic sleeves reduce the amount of space that layers of paper generally take up.
  • Using My File About Me sleeves will distribute the build up of documentation flat, reducing space and allowing you to effectivley display different size items so that all precious works can be viewed effectively.

Why are all the plastic sleeves and storage  envelopes the same overall size?

  • The unique size (larger than A3) of the storage envelopes and plastic sleeves ensures that all documentation is compressed flat.  Unlike other regular sized pages, this unique size ensures that more documentation is displayed onto one single My File About Me page. This then accommodates more pages into a smaller space: 

    • E.g.
    • Storage envelopes up to between 50 and 100 documents (depending on size and thickness of work)
    • A4 sleeves hold four A4 documents per spage (usually only two per page – Ours hold two times more)
    • A5 sleeves hold eight A5 documents per page (usually only two per page – Ours hold four times more)
    • Jumbo photos hold sixteen photos per page (usually only four per page; ours hold four times more!)
    • The selection of our plastic sleeves simply flattens and reduces the amount of space they would ordinarily take up. E.g. adding ordinary A4 sleeves into this system will add more buldging as it wastes space by not distributing the information evenly across the span of the file, as ours do.  An A4 may also cause other larger artwork to bend.


Are the box & file available in pink or blue?

  • While pink and blue are cute for babies, children almost always outgrow these pale/specific colours
  • The box and file are only available in red.
  • Red appeals to all ages during any stage of life. A child will outgrow just pink or blue and they will lose interest.
  • Red is also bright and attractive and will entice a child of any age to want to remain interactive with this vibrant primary colour always.

Why are the storage envelopes so colourful?

  • The colourful internal folders and coloured inserts offer a wonderful explosion of colour within the system.
  • Each year is a different colour with a new set of graphics to teach your young child how categorize.  This feature also differentiates each year boldly and effectively.
  • Every different colour year keeps your child interested and enthusiastic encouraging them to stay involved with filling out details about the following year.


Is it durable enough to withstand a lifetime of use?

The choice of materials used have been carefully selected to ensure longevity. The manufacture and assembly of all the maerials and items have been strengthened with various added features to guarantee durability.
A high quality, light-weight, photo & copy-safe plastic is used.  The plastic will not crack or tear over time.

  • Lightweight so that it does not add further weight and bulk to the system as more documents are included.
  • Photo safe so that precious photos will never stick to the plastic and get ruined and discolour over time.
  • Copy safe so that the ink from certificates will never lift off onto the plastic destroying documents.
  • Superior full colour printing both inside and outside the storage envelope on a luxurious strong board with a silky satin finish.
  • Further protected with a defensive coating both inside and ouside the storage envelope, to create a 'plastic' feel for added durability and lifetime strength.
  • PLUS each envelope is reinforced with a heat applied plastic strip for added durability, stability and support.
  • Extra length means that it MUST have extra strength.
  • The strong walls of the box ensure stability and added long term rigidity.
  • With children leaning and sitting on the boxes they do not break.
  • Wipe clean and water resilient exterior.
  • The thick cover of the file prevents warping and carries the weight of the storage envelopes that will become heavy over time.
  • The cover is thicker and tougher than most regular files.
  • The four ring mechanism is attached with three bolts for permanence and each bolt is further secured and toughened with an extra added resistant rubber band.
  • Wipe clean and water resilient exterior.

How do I order?

  • It's easy.  Either contact a sales representative in your area or shop online.
  • If you've been dealing with a sales representative previously be sure to include her details on your order form.
  • Should you wish to get in touch with an agent in/around your area to view the product email us.
  • Should you wish to stock this fantastic product in your store, please email us.


I haven't seen it in person. Does it offer good value for money?

We are so confident in our product that should you have not seent this delightful system before, if you order it, and are not entirely happy with the good value that is offered, then we will gladly refund you within seven days*.  However, on receipt of it, we are certain that you will be convinced of its size, strength and superior quality.  To date we have not one return. High quality and exceptional functionality is our promise to you!  .  Plus it not only saves you money (albums, scrapbooking and loss of documents) but so much time too and it is organized! 



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