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From the first scan showing the little life in mom's belly to the birth of your little blessing. My File About Me assists you in keeping safe, all the precious memories, moments and valuables of your developing child.

Display changing scans, stalk party invitations and photos. Admire photos of mom’s changing body. Safe keep 3D scans, 4D scans and birth certificates. Show off baby's hospital bracelet, first hair lock and first cards of congratulations. Record the birth of your baby, together with the size of your baby’s tiny handprint and footprint. Store inoculation cards and clinic cards. Exhibit photos showing special moments of your smiling baby. Highlight times of eat, sleep and play!

Delight in the first steps that your baby takes. Reminisce over the first adorable words. The transition from baby to toddler are precious moments. Display photos and store cherished items. Store digital photos and home videos. Keep all CDs and DVDs safe in My File About Me.

My File About Me ensures that you capture all vital information of your growing child in a format that is non-restrictive. You select and determine the type and quantity of information you wish to incorporate. So even if you have already lost or forgotten some info, there is no need to feel guilty, you’ll have no blank spaces and it will appear complete!

The result is a beautiful selection of cherished memories and moments that will be the start of your child’s recorded growing years. The baby and toddler years are the foundation of My File About Me that will eventually take you to the tertiary years.

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