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Senior School

Having kept important works, priceless memories, valuable items and photos up until the end of junior school, why would you possibly want to stop now. There are so many more vital moments that deserve to be captured in this revolutionary LIFE FILE!

Extra mural achievements, awards, certificates and reports deserve to be noted. Fond memories of school tour locations and photos thereof need to be stored for remembrance. Noteworthy assignments and projects deserve to be displayed. Impressive milestones, specific school events, important friends and year-end dances warrant merit and mention. They are all a significant part of your child’s development.

Continue the overview of your child's life history right up until tertiary. Matriculation and graduation are proud moments in every family members life. Celebrate the achievements of these grand ceremonies. Commemorate the life journey of each adult. Reward them with an amalgamated journey of their life in My File About Me.

A precious life system honouring the life history of a remarkable person. Offering your child a gift of leaving behind a legacy as My File About Me is passed down from generation to generation. Celebrate the gift of life. Celebrate the milestones, achievements and the times gone by that are associated with it. Once lost or forgotten they are all irretrievable.

For adults, this system is fantastic for office work, spreadsheets, weddings, or simply for keeping an album full of delightful memories in this multi-medium, space-saving, storage facility! Compact and effective it eliminates clutter and guarantees the safe-keeping of important moments and records.

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