How it all began

Between each double page (info page and photo display area) easily insert a variety of our very functional plastic sleeves.

The more you have between each year, the more you can display.

Showing important works and documents will always bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Display: Large A3 artwork, projects & paintings, invitations, birthday cards,
jumbo and large professional photos, special works and certificates.

Capture Priceless Moments

They only happen once. Save them while you can!

Take pleasure in remembering exceptional times of fun and laughter.
Display various size photos, jumbo and large professional photos.

Show off invitations, birthday cards, precious moments etc

Even if you are not creative or don’t have time

1, 2, 3 It is so easy…

No fuss, quick and simple, just adhere items on the mounting inserts and it still looks beautiful, or simply use our other plastic division sleeves for simply sliding info into the right size pocket.

Show off treasured moments

From pre-birth to tertiary and adult, allmemories and valuables in one effective storage system.

Get creative with our coloured A3 mounting inserts & paper

Developing children’s stimuli are so important as they play, have fun and learn.

It is all so easy and fun, just position and paste

Our delightful cut-out colourful shapes make this system so interactive and fun.

Explore with colour and boost creativity with shapes

Our mounting inserts and paper add an element of fun and offers a wonderful parent and child workshop.

Special works are so precious

Don’t put them somewhere where they can get lost. Keep them safe in My File About Me.

Display prize achievements

It is always great to remember how good you were at doing certain things.


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